AQUOX, through the use of innovative technologies, has driven EW to new heights & developed a range of manual & automated products that can be used in a multitude of different applications. All AQUOX machines are designed to minimize any negative environmental impact whilst ensuring that its technology contributes to a healthier & safer world. The AQUOX products portfolio consists of generators of sterilizing, disinfecting, washing & bio-stimulative solutions that are synthesized out of different electrolytes as well as of two-chamber diaphragmatic reactors, which are the main component of all below-mentioned generators.


For homes, offices & small facilities.


For homes, offices & small facilities.


For enterprises, hospitals, airports & other public facilities

Our state-of-the-art generators produce Disinfectant solution on-site through an electrochemical process by electrolysis of salt and water in various combinations whether it is Acidic Anolyte or Neutral Anolyte depending on your application.

The generators produce hypochlorous acid, a substance that also occurs in the human immune system and is hence harmless. This biocide is highly efficient in destruction of biofilm, germs and bacteria, without harming humans, environment or staff and is extremely cost effective to produce at the cost of water & electricity.

Available in small, mid and large capacities from 5 Litres per hour to 6,000 Litres per hour with applications ranging from Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Schools, Government buildings, Public buildings, Housing Societies, Poultry farms, Food processing, Swimming pools or even city water leaning. HOCI is your answer to leading a chemical free and yet safe disinfection usage for your work environment.

Contact us today to discuss your application and choose the right product for your commercial needs.

Contact us today to discuss your application and choose the right product for your commercial needs.

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Naturally made for humans

HOCI is the same germ-killer our immune system naturally produces in our bodies for healing & protection against viruses & bacteria. Stronger than bleach, yet it is non-toxic & safe on human skin & eye.
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Secret Ingredient of various industries

HOCI is extensively used across healthcare, food safety, water treatment, cosmetic, baby products, marine sanitation & other general sanitation.
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Anti-Bacterial & Deodorizing solution

HOCI is produced without any need of hazardous chemicals. Instantly kills a wide range of microorganisms, bacteria & viruses including influenza & noroviruses.